Switchgreen is currently seeking growers in Eastern Ontario to produce switchgrass. Switchgrass bales will be purchased.

Switchgrass may be planted and harvested with conventional seed drills, mowers and balers, either round or large square. Taking two years to yield a crop, it averages 5 to 5.6 tonnes per acre. The crop is cut into windrows in the fall and left until the spring to be baled. This allows for drier stalks, reducing the plants Chlorine and phosphate levels, for better combustion.

A hardy and adaptable perennial, Switchgrass can stand 10 feet high, with strong thick stalks. Its roots reach deep into the soil, using water very efficiently. Switchgrass is extremely tolerant to drought and floods. With minimal herbicide and fertilizer requirements, switchgrass is a low-input crop.

While conserving soil and controlling erosion, Switchgrass is an ideal crop for marginal farmland.

For further information about Switchgreen and purchasing Switchgrass seed, please contact Switchgreen.



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