Weed Control in Switchgrass

Conventional & No-Till

  • Perform a burndown using a Glyphosphate product before any tillage.
  • Apply 1 lb. active atrazine at 1”-2” growth stage for control of most weeds.
  • Use Estaprop Plus @ 0.7L/acre or Buctril M @ 0.4L/acre for broadleaf.

Organic Production Practices

  • Work the targeted fields in the fall prior to seeding and plant Rye. Leave the
    growing rye until it is at the early flowering stage and either chop and work it
    in or, using a fluted roller, roll the crop and plant the switchgrass by mid June.
  • Weed escapes may be controlled by timely mowing of the weeds 2”-3” above
    the growing switchgrass.
  • “Caution” do not mow the switchgrass in the establishment year.



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