Switchgreen is a partnered business including; Charles Forman and David Hendrick.

Charles Forman  

Charlie Forman is the owner/operator of Forman Farms in Seeley’s Bay, Ontario. In 1973, Forman Farms started as a part-time calf operation, and in 1983 evolved into to a small dairy farm. In 1986, Forman Farms began experimenting with no-till planting, and since 1992 the farm has practiced 100% no-till. The focus shifted in 2005, when Forman sold the milk quota and focused primarily on cash-crops and custom farming. In 2006, Forman Farms converted to corn and other bio-mixes as a source of fuel. Forman is committed to decreasing its dependency on off-farm energy sources and is interested in switchgrass and other locally produced bio-mass as a source of heating fuel.

Forman become a SwitchGreen partner in 2008, when the company was incorporated
David Hendrick  

David Hendrick is currently President of Sevita International, which is the Centre of Excellence for non-GMO soybean research and variety development in Canada. Sevita is an exporter of food grade soybeans to Japan, among other Southeast Asian countries, and currently holds a 15% market share of total sales. Hendrick has built the company from a small family farm operation in early 1990s into an international corporation that has annual sales in excess of $50 million. Hendrick’s business skills have allowed the company to prosper over and to develop a strong international reputation for quality and sound business practices. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Ottawa, a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Carleton University, and is fluently bilingual in English and French.

Prior to Sevita, Hendrick was a management consultant for private sector entrepreneurs, and has extensive experience in the areas of organizational analysis and review, team building, strategic and operational business planning, operations analysis, and facilitation.  In 2000, Hendrick was assigned to manage a trinational project involving members of the fresh fruit and vegetable sectors in Canada, the United States and Mexico. The objective was to establish a private sector solution for dispute resolution between the three NAFTA partners. After eighteen months of leading the consultation and negotiation process, an agreement was formed that resulted in the establishment of the Dispute Resolution Corporation (DRC). DRC is headquartered in Canada and has in excess of 1,000 members from the three NAFTA countries.  

Hendrick has provided leadership at senior levels to a number of public sector organizations. At the Canada Council he was one of the two senior staff members, who together with the Chair of the Board and the Director, designed and prepared the strategic plan. He was also responsible for leading and implementing through a transition team, a major policy and administrative renewal process that successfully redesigned the artistic programs and administration of the Council. Hendrick was responsible for managing a 25% downsizing of administration, and for streamlining the grant decision-making process.

While at Agriculture Canada, Hendrick was responsible for preparing the first business plan for Canadian Food Inspection Services which laid the ground work for the creation of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.